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What is Podcasting?

The word “podcast” comes from the first portable, DIGITAL music device, known as the iPod. In fact, it's a combination of
"iPod" and "broadcast." The first iPods allowed people to carry their music around as digital files instead of tapes or CDs;
and in addition, allowed people to create their own digital files for OTHERS to listen to as well, called podcasts.

A podcast is NOT a random piece of audio on a company’s website.  It’s meant to be a syndicated series, and much

like our current television media, can be offered and/or downloaded all at once, week-to-week, or in-season format.

Podcasting began in 2004 and was a popular, yet somewhat underground medium for a long time. People who write about podcasting having a “renaissance” don’t realize that the popularity hasn’t surged, rather, it’s steadily grown over time since inception. What HAS surged, perhaps, has been media coverage. More media are noticing podcasts and writing about them,
and as a result, the podcasting medium is being thought of as a viable channel for media buy and company investment.

Types of Advertising

All podcasts will include audio ads, either pre-recorded or a live host endorsement. They are placed at the beginning (pre-roll), middle (mid-roll), and end (end-roll) of the show.

Website Advertising
As part of an advertising package, podcasters can offer you graphic banners in the sidebar, show notes, in the footer, etc. in all different sizes.

Social Media Mentions
As part of their offering, many podcasters will mention and link to you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or wherever their community and your audience hang out.

Blog Posts
If the podcast has a healthy blog, they may consider including some dedicated blog posts as a part of your ad package. This could be as a review, or they could allow someone from your company to write a piece as well.

Email is a great way for you to get in front of your podcast partner's audience. They may link to you in their emails, include a graphic banner, or perhaps dedicate an email every so often to your company and it's benefits.

Many podcasters speak all over the world, and/or host events for their podcast. You could sponsor or co-host these events, or you could have logo placement on any podcast branded materials they take along with them.

Click here to download our Podcast Best Practices guide.
Click here to download our Suggested Podcasting Equipment guide.

Be in all the right places at the right time today!

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Audience Stats






Age 18-34


Age 34-54


Listen on Smartphone


Listen on Computer

Podcast Listeners Are Active!

Listen while taking public transportation
Listen while in the car
Listen while walking, running, or biking
Listen while traveling
Listen while working out
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