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About Our Agency

A Fresh Perspective on Radio & Podcasting

TM Media Agency can help you move your message on air.  Eliminate the behind the scenes work by hiring our agency to do it for you.  Our platform is a plug and play and proven process for success.  Get your message out to thousands of listeners and build instant rapport with your audience. 


Host your own radio and/or podcast show.  Level up your expertise by sharing your message one week and one show at a time. Be known as the expert you are in your field and build confidence with your audience. Move your message on-air and elevate your business through radio and podcasting. Stop spending time and money on marketing that does not work and maximize your results with advertising on air. There is no better way to share your message! 

What You'll Get

Monthly coaching calls
Show website & sign up forms
Promotion of your show
Recording & editing
Professional studio voice-overs
Prep form for your guests
Email marketing
Social media marketing 
YouTube channel for your show
Professionally produced commercials
Guest booking assistance
Sponsorship pages
Text "call to action"
Show analytics

Learn How To

Create a show name
Book guests
Entice listeners
Reach your audience
Create intros and outros
Build a show outline
Create a show format
Facilitate the interview process
Write show commercials
Run ads 
Get sponsors 
Create show branding
On-air tips 
Discover your unique message

Be the expert in your market through radio

& podcasting!  Are you ready to level up?

Trade Keynote speaking fee with radio exposure

Build lasting relationships

through showcasing others

Gain an unlimited income stream through show sponsors

Elevate your product or services through media presence

Backstage entry to industry events providing media coverage

Land a first meeting
with anyone you want
to know

How to Get Started

Next Steps

Schedule your one-on-one

virtual Discovery Session to learn all you need to know about 

TM Media Agency.



Contract valid for 3 months. There will be options to cancel or renew every 3 months.  Payment for one month is in advance of your show airing. 



Media kit will be provided.  This is the information needed to create your show and to build your show site, social media platforms, & show database.  



This meeting will take place 2 weeks after you have completed your media kit.  Once completed, your show will be launched.    


Review & Renew

At the end of the year, the success of the partnership is reviewed by both parties and a decision is made to renew or not

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